A stroke is an event where the brain undergoes an interruption of regular blood flow. The patient may display paralysis, altered brain function, and slurred speech. Usually, strokes occur if an artery carrying blood to the brain becomes blocked or bursts. If the brain doesn’t receive a constant supply of blood, brain cells die. Although the damages caused by strokes can either be temporary or permanent, it has been proven that there is a better chance of recovery if the patient receives treatment as soon as possible.

In short, a FAST reaction may allow saving someone who is suffering from a stroke. It’s “FAST” because it stands for Face drooping, Arm weakness, Speech difficulty,


The main risk factors that may cause a stroke are smoking, uncontrolled diabetes, and high cholesterol. There is a greater chance of suffering a stroke if the patient is 55-years-old or older or a minority. It is pointed out by that minorities do have a higher chance of suffering a stroke at an early age, but still, they comment that the first step into dealing with risk factors is prevention.

Black people seem to be affected by strokes more than any other ethnicity in the world. Hypertension tends to be the primary factor behind this, as at least one out of every three black Americans have high blood pressure. It was also noted that black people are less likely to have hypertension and diabetes under control, thus increasing the chance of suffering a stroke.


Curing Stroke


Most people believe stroke is almost impossible to cure, but recently a natural solution for stroke as just been discovered, and so many testimonies has been shared regarding this amazing solution.

See Testmonies below 

What is this Natural SOlution?

It is a combination of two organic products with no chemicals, approved by NAFDAC, HALAL, and KOSHER SEAL

Ginkgo Plus and Ginchia are  Approved by  our own  NAFDAC, HALAL an Islamic  endorsement Agency and KOSHER SEAL which is the highest level of endorsement in the world by jews to show that a certain product is 100% organic and natural (jews dont even eat breads with yeast)


Ginkgo Plus

Extracts of one of the oldest plants in existence today, the  ‘living fossil’ known as Gingko biloba

increases blood flow to the brain and extremities, increases the flow of oxygen and stimulates metabolism, normalizes brain and coronary circulation; restores degraded as a result of age-related changes or illness memory, hearing, sight, speech and motor functions; eliminates circulatory failure (including atherosclerotic origin and age); restores strength and elasticity of blood vessels; prevents thrombosis of cerebral and coronary vessels; restores the blood-brain barrier, and the ionic composition and conduction of nerve cells.

This helps Patients with Stroke recover :

their speech, sight, hearing and memory very fast, it helps revive the dead cells in the brain as well.


Increases your energy levels while extending your ability to enjoy the activity you used to love.

Gin-Chia is a potent combination of herbs that our ancestors used to increase power, energy, and circulation.  Its two main ingredients are Ginseng, originally from Korea and Manchuria, and Golden Chia, originally from California, Nevada, Arizona, and New Mexico.

This powerful combination of herbs gives your body back what your busy lifestyle takes out! Together these two legendary herbs pack a powerful punch to help you get through the day.

  • Powerful antioxidant
  • Can help increase stamina and endurance
  • Helps support healthy circulation

Recently it has been touted as an adaptogen, which means it helps protect humans from damaging factors.  We now know that ginseng can help protect against the negative effects of stress, aging, and anxiety, hypertension.  In fact, studies have shown that the systematic delivery of adaptogens to the body  can mimic the benefits of physical activity, creating increased endurance and inhibited stress responses.

Combine this 2 powerful products and see instant recovery within 60 days!!!

How To Get The Stroke Solution Today

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What if After Using this two products there is no difference?

 We are very very sure of the effectiveness of this two products, when used as we state.

But if you claim it doesnt work for you, please kindly get back to us with the empty botttles as a proof  after 60 days and our company will refund you followed by an official letter of apology

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How To Order 

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Send as a text message to 08054529851

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