I Almost Divorced My Husband 

"He is very Rich and Wealthy Loving and Caring But He Cannot Go complete 1 min"

 My name is Mrs. Ronald, I am a Devoted Christian, and I got married to my Husband Ken Ronald, Ken is so loving and caring, we have the best family in the world.

Ken took charge this father’s oil and gas Company 2 years after we got married and it was a very good and happy one for us and just about that time our Happiness turned to sorrow.

Our love making session diminished to zero and every time we tried to make love it was like going into a period of punishment for me just because his 30 seconds action was never satisfactory to me, it makes me wanting more, but Ken will never be able to go on a second round, he will be disappointed and embarrassed, most time i will pretend am satisfied and he will just fall asleep, and that will be all for the night leaving me in tears and heart pain.


At times he will have to leave the bedroom to go sleep in the guest room just because he cannot stand the shame.It got to a stage that we never even make attempt to do any lovemaking, because it will of course end in same result of pain, shame and disappointment. I

spoke to some of my friends and they told me 95% of men have this same problem and I am just unlucky to have one of them, and they gave me different ideas which I cannot even try because of my religious belief, Tayo told me to look out there for a younger boy to take care of my heat, Blessing told me to go get myself some toys,

Simi even had the courage to tell me to get closer and nicer to Akin our driver, OMG!!! Chioma even told me to Divorce Ken and live my life as a single mother and get some random young men to take care of my heat.  


I stayed for 10 months without any bed activity, when my husband is not dead but he is 53XUALLY dead, he is a one min man. I lost my Appetite for 53X, my smiles disappeared and my beauty was fading, I knew my husband was also losing his prestige as a husband, but I still tried to pretend all was fine just to help him go on with his life.  

I decided to try him out one saturday night, he playedd with me all thru and when it was time for him to go in i realized he as already spil before climbimg on me

At that point I could not hold it any longer again I decided to file a divorce the following morning, Yes Ken is very Rich and wealthy, he opened a Nail Studio for me in VI, I drive an exotic Audi, and Got a Diamond neck lace and Mercedes Benz E350 convertible, YES!! You can say what else does a woman want from a man if not all this exotic life?

That was exactly what my Attorney Sarah Said when I told her I wanted a divorce, I took a deep breath and told her what I have gone through over the years, I told her I want more than money or love, We ladies might not be open to men, but we love this activity with passion And she smiled trying not to laugh out so as not to embarrass me, although her little smile has already pissed me off…..  

......And she said “That is the ONE problem affecting most men truly, but my Husband went a long way to secure a solution and I got to discover that the solution is NAFDAC APPROVED, we gave it a trial and in just 2 weeks our Bed Activity was more powerful than that of a horse”   My mouth was wide open, has she narrates this,

she said “don’t worry I will introduce you to Uncle Ben, my husband got it from him”  


We called Uncle Ben immediately, and he sent the solution down to us, and I rushed down home and explained to my husband, with love he took the solution and after 2 weeks of taking this solution,

we made love that night and my husband was so full of strength like a bull dog, I managed to keep up with him that night because I have lost my urge for the game over a year ago.

I called Sarah my Lawyer the following morning to thank her and told her I could not keep up with him, she laughed and this time i laughed along because i knew i asked for it  and she said all I needed is to get the same solution my Husband used from Uncle Sam, and I ordered mine and now we compete in bed every night trying out different styles, he does not spills his yogourth anyhow like before, our love is back and better.  



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