Hello friends, my name is Blessing and I am just 27 years old but my stature isn't in line with my age. This has been so embarrassing for me, I kept growing in size, and men were staying off me, most of them thought I am just too old.

 There was a time I went home with my then boyfriend and I met his mum, his mum had to call me later on the phone and asked me where my kids were and why I left my marriage. I was so speechless because I had no idea what she was uttering, she told me I had no reason to hide my age, and I swore to her that I was just 27 years. She just told me point blank that her son needs a wife and not a sugar mummy.  


I wept for days all because I love this guy with all my heart, I called him and he said he was so sorry that he also don’t really like fat ladies. He said if I am looking like that at 27 he can’t imagine how I will look like at 47, this hit me like a bomb, all this happened august 2014, and I vowed that I will do all I can to get back to my normal shape.

 I started reducing my meals, my junks, exercising, but I realized I was still not reducing in weight or body size, I did this from august 2014 till December 2014, nothing changed. I bought all kinds of tea, and weight reducing products but nothing was changed.

I bought a particular one for 40,000 naira but still all was the same.  I then gave up on the whole stuff, i did nothing for a whole year and I was eating my normal meal. To be sincere i was growing fatter.


 Fortunately for me, few weeks to the end of 2016 I met an old friend who I have known to be a very fat girl, we chatted and she was complaining about my fatness, I told her my sad ordeal and she said "my sister that is not a big thing"

She said her aunt from Atlanta USA showed her how she can burn down the fats in her body within 15 days but I never believed her, although she has slimmed down but I didn't want to believe it happened within 15 days. She said what I did is simple, I will show you And then she showed me the simple secret on how she burned off the fats within 15 days

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