"Who Else Want to Successfully & Safely Treat Themselves or Loved One At Home Using The *World Most Effective Treatment Method* While Saving Cost, Time And Energy?"


Are you or anyone close to you suffering from any of the ailments in the bullet below?

  • Stroke. (it is an amazing solution for stroke patients)
  • weak sexual ability.
  • partial strokes.
  • stiff shoulder.
  • paralysis
  • neck aches
  • per arthritis
  • high or low blood pressure
  • headache
  • energy Failure
  • obesity
  • neural paralysis
  • neuralgia
  • shank ache
  • whole body fatigue
  • stomach ache
  • bad cold
  • cervical vertebra
  • neck ache 
  • energy failure
  • and other various acute chronic diseases.


Are you aware that physiotherapy is one of the best remedy to cure these ailments? Well, if you don’t know, now you do.

Not just that, drugs actually does almost always have a side effect. Sometimes, it’s going to be a fair one and other times, it’s going to be a very serious one… It’s just as if it’s taking away an ailment while giving you another... That is The Devil's Style!

 Now, What About Physiotherapy? 

 Physiotherapy is actually very good because;

  • It doesn’t have side effect.
  • It brings about better/total recovery.
  • It is safer.
  • Even at the hospitals sometimes, when situation gets out of hand, they recommend patients to hire a physiotherapists.


But there is an issue…

Physiotherapists are expensive to hire... they charge thousands of Naira per session (which sometimes doesn't last more than 15 mins)… 

And the worst scenerio is that they have attitudes... they will skip sessions which will definitely prolong the recovery of such patients... We can't blame them though, that is how they keep their pay checks coming every month.

You may, or you may not be aware of these FACTS.
BUT it’s the reality.

Anyway, there is no reason to worry because now there is  finally a solution…

Introducing ...


Health Herald -  Digital Therapy Machine

  • This machine is used and encouraged by professional Physiotherapist worldwide in the treatment of the earlier mentioned ailments.  
  • This easy-to-operate machine can be used by at home to treat these ailments. As long as you have a hand and you are currently reading the content on this page, you won’t have any problem operating it.  
  • You can definitely use the machine to replace your physiotherapists. It is generally good for home use.  

The Digital Therapy Machine is a Health care, therapeutic device adopting Traditional Chinese Medicine of Acupuncture Technology and the best effect of body reaction by Using Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation.  

A Great Choice for Individual daily health care based on its 8 Outstanding Optional Functions  (MODES):

  1. Acupuncture,
  2. Stroke
  3. Massage
  4. Cupping
  5. Manipulation
  6. Scrapping
  7. Weight Reducing
  8. ImmuneTherapy.    

You can enjoy the Magical Experience of using the electric current to stimulate the nerves on your body.   It is designed for the people who are suffering from lumbar muscle strain, stroke, stiff shoulder, end neural paralysis, neuralgia, shank ache, whole body fatigue, bad cold, cervical vertebra neck ache, per arthritis, high or low blood pressure, energy failure, weak sexual ability, obesity, various acute chronic diseases.  

The Machine is generally a highly effective treatment for pain. It is used worldwide and recommended by sports coaches, physiotherapy departments, pain clinics, chiropractors, doctors and other medical practitioners.

The Digital Therapy Machine will ease pain, and should result in a decrease of drug intake!!!  

How is it used?

It has 4 pads Electrode which will be placed at certain parts of the body, depending on the ailment you are trying to treat. (The Manual and DVD coming with it will show you how to do this).   It can be operated using electricity or battery.

See an example below:

How to use the Digital Therapy Machine for Stroke 

  • Electrode Pad Placement: As in Below Picture
  • Mode Function: Stroke
  • Time Frame: 10 Mins
  • Duration: Once Everyday for 50 Days



What Are People Saying?

He used it for premature Ejaculation and Erectile Dysfunction

People Are requesting For The DTM Natiowide

These are just few out of the many testimonies we have received from people who have used this machine before. We hope when you start using it too, you will drop your own for us.


So, how much does this machine cost? 

If you check through the review, you will see one of the posts where someone was claiming he bought it for N25,000... It is actually that expensive.

But we actually understand how the economy is and we also know how important it is for people to have good health. That is why we have been selling the machine for N17,000.

But if you are buying this week, we will be offering you an EXTRA =N=5,000 discount

So, all you will have to pay is N12,000 ONLY

And we won't stop there, we will also offer you a FREE DELIVERY

Now, we know you can't wait to have your own DIGITAL THERAPY MACHINE...

 (We do cash on delivery to every location in Nigeria)


N12,000 (THIS WEEK)
(instead of the normal N17,000)

Plus... you enjoy 100% free delivery!


No Need To Fear If This is real or Not because...

We Offer Pay On Delivery.

What if this did not work for me?

We can assure you that the DTM will work for you, meanwhile we have included a DVD to show you step by step practical on how to make the DTM cure all the above ailments.

What if i insist am not satisfied?

we will refund you within 24hours

we are a reputable company...

At Netwill Ideal Resources we will never bend the truth to make a sale

You only pay when the goods have been brought to you face to face by our courier company within the next 2-5 days after notifying us of your interest.

To order...

Quickly send us the following details as text message to 0703-079-0278

  • DTM

  • Your full names,

  • Your full address (Including Local Government Area) and;

  • Best phone number.

E.g; "DTM, Deji Odion, 72, Iyanapako street, Enugu, Enugu East LGA, Kano, 08020002822"


Before you order please note:

1. that you have concluded to purchase this Digital Therapy Machine

2. That you will be cash ready when the delivery man comes for delivery

3. That you will be available or have someone to recieve in your absence

(we will appreciate if you dont recive your package which will result to a returned order.............)


Once we receive your details, one of our agents will contact you to confirm your order, and thereafter dispatch your order.
You receive it within within 2-5 business days... and pay the dispatch rider upon delivery.

Netwill Ideal Resources 


(Call, 8am - 6pm; Mon - Sat. SMS : 24/7)

Calls outside this hours may not be attended to                                          

  P.S. The Package you will receive will contain:  1 The Digital Therapy Machine, 1 DVD, 1 Manual, 4 Electrode Pads, 1 Electrode Cord with 4 Mouths, 1 Power/USB Cable and 1 Adapter.


Netwill Ideal Resources

Office Address:

74, Alogi obantoko 

Abeokuta Ogun state


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