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Shina whom his wife classified as 2 Mins Indomie Man when it comes to bed matters, now lasts for 40 mins, giving his poor wifey out of this world orgasm like she has an Orgasmic medical disorder!

The guy now have mad confidence like he is “Fayose”,..and can now please his wife and give her several ground shattering orgasms, I'm so so happy for him and I personally felt better for his sex life!

What about Chidi who was afraid to have sex with any girl bcos of his small Mamba that looks like earth worm?

Now the dude is a SPARTACUS as he serves any girl that comes his way with cold hard 7 inch Python that make them come for more!

Honestly speaking, I'm very happy for the above named friends!

All I can say to you right now is that I wish someone had showed me these sexual satisfaction secret 4 years ago.

Instead of wasting my precious time on some goddam useless Viagra pill and foul smelling herbal concoction that harm my body!

I'm way over that regrets because I have finally discovered the secret method use by "Strong Men" to get a massive blokos & Last long like a stallion, and today, I will be showing you the real deal all those fake "sex guru" online and on Newspaper will never tell you!

I am pretty sure this will surely work for you as it did for me.

My name’s Uncle Sunny, and I have a really quick question for you...

Do You Like Looking At Big Boobs?  ...and I'm so sure you also like Big "Ukwu"?


Even Akon Was Caught Admiring A Statues Ass!!!

See, it's a natural thing...you’re just a man responding to your "reptilian" instincts. Your God made inner programming. It’s natural…It’s in you…and you can’t remove it even if you are married.

Still....we guys always crazy backlash for following our "Natural" instant, am I lying?

"Holy-Holy" girls call us "Crazy", pervert, "Sex Addict" They say we’re ‘disgusting’ for admiring their sexy "Assets".

So, Don't Women Have Such Instincts?

Here comes the Shocker.....

YES They Do!

Truth be said, women do have the Same instants just like we do!

What She CRAVE, What She DESIRES more is a man with a 7 inch LONG Rod that can drill her honey well for as long as 40 mins so she can feel out of this world!

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My brother, she can't!

She's Addicted To Him Like Cocaine!

She's A Slave To The Rod Beneath His Sokoto!

Just if you are not yet convinced...


In less than a second, I’ll show you the latest scientific discovery that REVEALS how to easily satisfy a woman with hot bed shaking sex.

Not Happy because in your mind she calls you the 2 Minutes Man?

Not Happy With Your 4 ich Blokos?

Don't Worry...

Just digest every word on this website, because In the next few minutes I will be revealing to you my sexual journey PLUS how you too can hit that spot she crave most (but will never tell you)

If you are like the so unfortunate 30 Million Nigerian Men out there who feel a bit unhappy, anxious and frustrated about normal BORING sexual life they are having with their partner.

If you want to grab the amazing solution 2-in-1 solution that made me a REAL man today than I have been since I was an adult then keep reading.

If you'd like to hear her scream with pleasure when ever you go IN...

Then better close the door behind you...turn off your Phones and close that pornhub website window...And Pay Attention

Although I am now seen as a Sex "Badoo", believe me, it was not always like that. Long ago, I used to be depressed, and ashamed of my sexual performance and it hunts me during that time.

You might be at that EXACT point I used to find myself, just before I discovered that incredible secret that gave me the POWER to serve any woman irrespective of shape and size bed shaking sex like I'm one Badoo Male Pornstar!

"How My 2 Mins Manliness & Small Blokos

Gave Me The Embarrassment of My Life"

See, most Nigerian men have little or no experience when it comes to Lasting longer on bed.
The sad part is..

Many of them have small Blokos that can’t drill a woman wella.
And this is making us lose our women to those so called “Sugar Boys”

For me, I thought having a Big Manhood & Lasting long was not necessary in a Marriage..

Until I got Married to My Ex-Wifey, Bimpe.

Allow me to describer her a bit…she has boobs so full, big and firms that a sight of them gives me instant boner!


I’m sure you can relate....


But here is the BAD thing about Bimpe, she was a pretender to the core!
And to my best of knowledge most ladies are!

They will tell blatant lie to your face..

They will deny facts even at the face of death!

Is it that it’s already in their blood or what?

Well I got married to her with the small blokos I had, and I could not even last long.
Our sexual routine was more like this..

I Kiss her…I Smooch her.. I pop out my small Jhonny, enter her…cum in 5 mins!

I thought it was okay for her..

I never know that I was torturing her..

For over 9 year I have been doing this to her.

I never know she was not satisfied enough.

Can you blame me?

I never knew sexual education and big blokos was important in ones life..

Not Until I caught her being banged away by one handsome Looking Sugar boy on my matrimonial bed!

That day I was meant to travel but I forgot an important Visa document at home, so I drove home fast all from the airport.

On getting home

All I heard was “Yeah! Yeah! Give it To My Like That!”


Only for me to notice a wide screaming from my wifey (she have not screamed before when I had sex with her oh!)

I quickly ran upstairs only to discover she and the Sugar boy in a “Doggy Style” position
That day I went mad!

I fought hard with the Suger Boy and he Busted my lips..

I almost lost my life to that agile guy & I lost my wife to a small boy because I had a small man hood.

Can I really be called a man then?

I left Bimpe for good and and after like 7 months I found another beautiful damsel who was even more caring and loving..

Unlike my Ex-wife Bimbe, Shade was down to earth and considerate.

So I do want to break her heart with a small blokos & 2 Mins Manliness.

So I told her the truth…

And guess what the Angel said?

Baby, I am no kid and I know you have this 2-in-1 problem.

"But don’t worry, my ex used to have this palava too and he discovered a solution that was so POTENT he made 4 girls pregnant.

That was why I left him for you…You are caring and Hardworking

So I will show you what he did, but promise me you’ll not do what he did to me?"

I sharply promised not to cheat on her..

So she went on...

“The first one is called Handsome Up, it’s a device that give can turn your 4 inch manhood into a massive 6 inch Mamba in 14 days or even less. It uses suction technology to help your expand you man hood size.

With this you’ll fill me cunt to the brim with your rod & I can’t wait to scream your name!
You can get it for Japan and it cost’s 200 Dollars for one.”

See it...

She went on…

“The Second one is called Revive: It’s a “2 mins manliness killer that uses herbal formula to ensure you last longer and give you massive man power. The best part is that it is NAFDAC approved”

See it Here

Then She Said…

"Baby, I tell you, if you use this natural cure, I might be the one to beg you to stop!"

Wow…Amazing isn’t it?

If my fiancée can tell me something, who am I to deny?

So I hurriedly place my order for this amazing device that is changing lives of naija men.
Due to the high dollars, I got one  for N25,000 and I paid for shipping of N15,000.
So everything cost me N40,000 right?

Then I also got the amazing natural solution that will kill 2 mins shooting.

I hooked up with the trusted Herbal company that makes it and bought up like 3 bottles.
Each cost N27,000. So 27,000 x 3= 81,000

I know..I know..it's was quite expencive, Well, no mind me…I was MURDER premature ejaculation finally na why!

So I tried it for like 2 weeks and guess what?

All Thanks to Handsome up I Have a 7inch Blokos Now!

I had a python sized blokos…I was almost weeping when I saw the Transformation…

I am so grateful today.

What about Revive?

It happens I don’t even need the 3 bottles as1 only a bottle cured my 2 Mins Manliness, so I DASH my friends the remaining..
Cos I now last long she now looks like this….

I’m glad I got the 2-in-1 Solution!

With Handsome Up + Revive

My Wifey Never Complains!
My Wifey is Always Happy When She Sees Me!
My Wifey is Always Ready to Give It to My When Konji Blows Me!

Truly Handsome Up = Revive are truly the 2-in-1 Solution!

So because of how effective it is and how successful I was at using it,

So I hooked up with the supplier in Japan to send me just 70 pcs of Handsome Up so I can HELP JUST 70 men be real men again.

But as we speakth over 50,000 men are reading this now, so you have to act fast.
As we have just 70 slot...

I also hooked up with the Revive Peeps and got them to DRAG down the price from the original N25,000 price to just 19,000 per bottle.

As you can see…the cost of getting this power device and natural 2 mins man kerawa solution is so HIGH.

But I am doing this to help you be CONFIDENT again on bed and even off bed room.
But as I said earlier, it’s limited.

So you have to make sure you place your order TODAY no tomorrow.

So how much will it cost you?

You have seen how effective it is, how powerful it is, how potent it is.
Now you know this worth a whooping =N=50,000 a plump.

Yup that’s the worth….

But you see..

I know how expensive this is even in this Buhari economics wahala.

So instead of spending over N80,000 like I did, I have be the supplier to reduce the price so I can offer it to you at an affordable rate.

But it will not last long as he just did it because I bought in bulk for the first time.
But if you act today you’ll get it for…

N23,000 ONLY

for the 2 in 1 cure!


That's not all...   


"If You Place Your Order Today, I will Bribe You With This Fast Action Bonus  You'll Will Think I've gone completely mad!"  


  Fast Action Bounus!

Female Pleasure Guru

(Valued at N17,500)

"This guide will show you the Simple Approach to Sex in Order to Give Any Woman Intense Multiple Orgasms… From Squirting Orgasms To 20 Minute+ Orgasms… What You’ll Learn In  It Can Leave A Woman Sexually Addicted To You…"

Combining that with the increased penis size that Handsome Up will give you & the ability to stay for as long as 40 MINS on bed (through REVIVE), no woman will ever leave you.


So there you go…

BUT if you want to buy Them Separately..

Instead of paying N25,000 for the Pump, you’ll just pay N12,000

Instead of paying N27,000 for the Special Revive, all you need pay is just N17,000 per bottle.

And you will still get the bonus guide I promised when you buy any of them.

But I must tell you…

This offer will NOT last long!

So you have to act on or before 5 working days!

And it will revert to N30,000 which is the original price.

Now, I know you can't wait to lay your hands on these GUARANTEED solution...

2-in-1 Solution = N23,000
(instead of the normal N30,000)

Plus... you enjoy 100% free delivery!



No Need To Fear If This is real or Not because...

We Offer Pay On Delivery.


You only pay when the goods have been brought to you face to face by our courier company within the next 2-5 days (depending on your location) after notifying us of your interest.


Send the below SMS Info to=> 08181057440

In this format...

***2 in 1 solution* (if it's only one you want, write: **Handsome Up**/**Revive**)

  • Your Name, 
  • Your Delivery Address, 
  • Your Local Govt,
  • Active Phone No,
  • Email Address.

All to=> 08181057440

E.g; "2 in 1 Solution, Olusegun Odion, 72, Iyanapako street, Enugu, Enugu East LGA, Kano, 08020002822"

Once we receive your details, one of our agents will contact you, and thereafter dispatch your order.
You receive it within within 2-5 business days... and pay the dispatch rider upon delivery.

So there you go…

Do you want to Be a SUPERMAN on Bed and make her go wild over you..cumming all over your dick and begging for more…


Do you want to Be the MUMU man that will be Banging his wifey and she will be HISSING?

The choice is yours…
I have made mine and I CHOSE the 2-in-1 Solution.

You Might Want to Give it a Try Too.



Send the below SMS Info to=> 08181057440

In this format...

***2 in 1 solution* (if it's only one you want, write: **Handsome Up**/**Revive**)

  • Your Name, 
  • Your Delivery Address, 
  • Your Local Govt,
  • Active Phone No,
  • Email Address.

All to=> 08181057440

E.g; "2 in 1 Solution, Olusegun Odion, 72, Iyanapako street, Enugu, Enugu East LGA, Kano, 08020002822"

Once we receive your details, one of our agents will contact you, and thereafter dispatch your order.
You receive it within within 2-5 business days... and pay the dispatch rider upon delivery.

That is all you have to do, you get your man-hood to the size you have always dreamt of, and last longer than you ever imagined.

Dont slack ,hence you might lose out.


~Uncle Sunny 

Researcher & Sexual health activist.

08181057440 : (calls are only picked 8a.m- 5pm, Mon-Saturday)




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